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AY-SEL was established by Ahmet Sarı, Bilal Sarı and Şevki Sarı in 1984. In direction of market analyses and incoming demands, priority was given to make investment in a production band directed at contract manufacturing infrastructure. This production band that was established predominantly for woman ready-wear production has continuously increased its production capacity with new investment considering changing fashion trends in time, demands in textile sector and differing needs. It carried its enlarging production band in direction of increasing demand to its new factory in Çağlayan in 1993 to be able to render more qualified service to its customers.

The new factory building that has a closed area of 3000 square meters has been transformed into a factory that can make production of 275-300 thousand in average yearly with the brand of AY-SEL.

It concentrated its production made with the brand of AY-SEL in coat, jacket and dress groups in direction of experienced it had at home and abroad. It prepares the latest collections with teams that are experts in their fields working at design offices established within it. Transforming the collections that it has prepared to fashion with the principle of the highest quality, Aysel presents them to the taste of its customers at wholesale points in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Poland, USA and many countries in the world from its sales store in İstanbul, Laleli.